Essential items for surfing that surfers rarely use

Some of the most essential items for better surfing are often overlooked.

Surfing is a relatively-low cost sport, with the main costs coming upfront. After you buy the board, wax, and (depending on where you live) a wetsuit – you’re pretty much done, right?

Sure. But there are some other items that are absolutely essential to me, yet hardly anybody else uses them.

JBL Hydro Seals size chart

JBL Hydro Seals ear plug sizing chart

JBL Spear Guns makes a great ear plug product to help protect surfers, swimmers and divers from surfer’s ear and swimmer’s ear.

The problem is that there is no simple chart that shows how you determine the actual size you need to buy – small, medium or large.

So what I’ve done here is include the actual sizing diagram included on the back of the product. Enjoy.

Surfing sunglasses

Surfing sunglasses

Surfers (who must regularly monitor the horizon for waves) are bombarded with UV rays over the course of their surfing career. These rays are compounded, as they reflect off the water.

This post presents the facts about health risks such as cataracts and macular degeneration. I review a number of commercial surfing sunglasses that I’ve personally tried, and I crown my favorite pair. I summarize do-it-yourself options. Finally, I include tips to reduce the fogging and water beading present on surfing sunglasses.