On the "Hey! Hey! Hey!" chants in Top 40 hip hop

On the “Hey! Hey! Hey!” chants in Top 40 hip hop

My girlfriend listens to the Top 40 R&B/Hip Pop radio stations in her car. That pretty much means I get to listen to them too when she’s driving – which is why I try to drive as much as possible.

One day I pointed out to her all the “HEY! HEY! HEY!” cadence calls in every other track, and she said she never even noticed it before.

Big Buck Hunter for Wii

Big Buck Hunter for Wii

Sometime in October of 2010, Big Buck Hunter Pro for Wii was quietly released for the Wii

This game is incredible. A near verbatim transfer of the arcade game, with a life-sized, pump-action gun peripheral that feels just like the arcade.