Justin Long stars in The Mac Supremacy

Check yourself Mac marketing. Your OS really isn’t bad, and your computers are pretty powerful. It’s the air of smug (and false) superiority you have that smells. Bad.

Mac vs PC. Please. A dichotomy that is as ubiquitous as it is completely erroneous. Look: Each is good. Each is different. Each is good for different things.

GoDaddy: Tits will make you buy web hosting, right?

GoDaddy thinks tits will make you buy web hosting

GoDaddy is successful for two reasons: big tits. Candice Michelle’s tits. Big fat tits.

They were the first web hosting company to have a Superbowl ad. This ad prominently featured tits.

I don’t care to argue about the sexism. I’m more interested in why they think tits would convince me to buy their web hosting.

So let’s take five seconds to get to know GoDaddy (beyond her tits) and see if anything is there.