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The creative use of profanity: Overuse of curse words is annoying

The creative use of profanity beats frequency

Hank Moody once told his teenage daughter something to the effect of ‘I encourage the creative use of profanity.’ And he’s right. There is little more effective, humorous, and/or appropriate than a well-placed expletive.

Referring to George Carlin’s 7 dirty words, I don’t really find any of them offensive in and of themselves. But I sure do find their overuse annoying.


Donald Trump's Mental Flowchart

Donald Trump’s mental flowchart

Want to be as successful and smart as Donald Trump?

You can! It’s as easy as being a textbook narcissist, heaping praise upon those that support your delusions, and actively belittling everyone else.

I’ve prepared the following flowchart which, as far as I can tell, governs 99% of Donald Trump’s beliefs about other people and the world around him.


Surfing sunglasses

Surfing sunglasses

Surfers (who must regularly monitor the horizon for waves) are bombarded with UV rays over the course of their surfing career. These rays are compounded, as they reflect off the water.

This post presents the facts about health risks such as cataracts and macular degeneration. I review a number of commercial surfing sunglasses that I’ve personally tried, and I crown my favorite pair. I summarize do-it-yourself options. Finally, I include tips to reduce the fogging and water beading present on surfing sunglasses.


On the "Hey! Hey! Hey!" chants in Top 40 hip hop

On the “Hey! Hey! Hey!” chants in Top 40 hip hop

My girlfriend listens to the Top 40 R&B/Hip Pop radio stations in her car. That pretty much means I get to listen to them too when she’s driving – which is why I try to drive as much as possible.

One day I pointed out to her all the “HEY! HEY! HEY!” cadence calls in every other track, and she said she never even noticed it before.


Big Buck Hunter for Wii

Big Buck Hunter for Wii

Sometime in October of 2010, Big Buck Hunter Pro for Wii was quietly released for the Wii

This game is incredible. A near verbatim transfer of the arcade game, with a life-sized, pump-action gun peripheral that feels just like the arcade.


Justin Long stars in The Mac Supremacy

Check yourself Mac marketing. Your OS really isn’t bad, and your computers are pretty powerful. It’s the air of smug (and false) superiority you have that smells. Bad.

Mac vs PC. Please. A dichotomy that is as ubiquitous as it is completely erroneous. Look: Each is good. Each is different. Each is good for different things.


GoDaddy: Tits will make you buy web hosting, right?

GoDaddy thinks tits will make you buy web hosting

GoDaddy is successful for two reasons: big tits. Candice Michelle’s tits. Big fat tits.

They were the first web hosting company to have a Superbowl ad. This ad prominently featured tits.

I don’t care to argue about the sexism. I’m more interested in why they think tits would convince me to buy their web hosting.

So let’s take five seconds to get to know GoDaddy (beyond her tits) and see if anything is there.


esurance: Raped Genndy Tartakovsky

Esurance raped Genndy Tartakovsky

As part of the 18-34 demo these commercials are aimed at, I find these commercials intellectually akin to pumping a syringe full of bleach into the brain.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. In the case of esurance, they might as well be siphoning money out of Genndy Tartakovsky’s personal bank account, because they’ve ripped off his animation style wholesale. Erin Esurance even fights robots in the same manner that Samurai Jack did in order to get some action/violence on the air.